Monday, July 15, 2013

It's Here!

August 8, 2013:  I added an ordering link to the bottom of this post for those of you on mobile devices. Thanks for letting me know, and huge thanks to those who have ordered my book already!

The farm book, Hubbell's Hog Heaven & Liz's Happy Hens: A Farm Tour, is finally here, all printed and bound and ready to go!

The back cover:

And the Table of Contents:

A link to the first review.
And here's what others have said about the book:

"It's all about their farm, the tours and how they chose to farm the Korean Natural flies, no odor!... The book is not just for farmers and it should be interesting even to people who don't farm!" ~ Sonia

"Healthy bacon!" ~ Noel

"Super informative yet easy to read, and translatable to wherever you live and whatever you want to grow/raise." ~ Lori

"Speaking as a former pig farmer, the system in the book is so practical and worthwhile to do. You can retro fit or use it as a starting point either works." ~ Galyn

There's a link to order on the sidebar of this page. You have options: You can order from Amazon OR directly from me. If you order your copy directly from me, I will split the shipping costs with you (for only $2.50) AND you will get it autographed. How can you resist? 
EDITED TO ADD: Many have mentioned that they cannot see the sidebar from their mobile devices, so I'm adding a link here in the text for you.
You can order the book directly from me, here. 
Thank you so much!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Spotted Piglets

Our Spot had an easy time with her third litter.  Originally there were 15 in this batch, but they soon thinned out to 10... but these 10 are all doing really well.  And they are SO cute with their many variations on the spotted pig theme!

All of these piglets are spoken for, though they still have a while to go before they will be weaned.  They're growing fast though!

Meanwhile, Big Mama has been bred again using the same boar semen as Spot's last litter above, so we are hoping to see more colorful piglets come December.  And the last two piglets from her recent litter are being grown to luau size for somebody's wedding celebration, so the piggery is pretty full at the moment!