Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In the Barn on a Rainy Day

It may have been a rainy day outside, but it was all nice and cozy in the piggery. 

We give the pigs lots of fresh-cut sugarcane each day.  They really look forward to their daily treat and squeal with delight and anticipation when they hear the wheelbarrow approach for their afternoon feeding.

Pigs are very good at chomping on the stalk and extracting the juice. 

For the younger pigs, we chop the cane into smaller pieces.  The leftover stringy bits, called bagass, become part of the bedding.  The microbes flourish on the leftover sugars in the bagass, breaking it down quickly.  A bonus for us: we don't have to refill the pens as often!

Meanwhile, outside, the plants grow quickly in the winter rains.