Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Miss Pinky Pie

Representing the third generation of pigs born and raised on our farm, is Miss Pinky Pie (our grand-daughter named her).  Her first litter is due this weekend.

We tried breeding her earlier, but Hurricane Iselle dropped in just a couple days after - we think the stress of that caused her to not "take". The next heat cycle came, and so did the lava flow - this time we were too stressed. So, she's quite a bit older than we usually aim for with a first litter.

Pinky has all the characteristics we've been working towards: good size and conformation, sweet temperament, excellent instincts... and her siblings made some mighty fine meat pigs. Won't be long now when we get to see how Pinkie does as a mama-sow.

1 comment:

Su Ba said...

Super! Lets hope everything goes ok. Please, pretty please, post some pictures of the new arrivals. I'd love to see them.