Monday, March 16, 2015

Update on Pinky's Piglets - - Piglets For Sale!

After such a troublesome beginning, we are so very pleased to announce that all 10 of Miss Pinky Pie's piglets have survived their piglethood! At five weeks old, they are just about ready for weaning. Pinky has turned out to be an outstanding mama-sow and it shows in her strong and sturdy offspring.

This litter is our fourth generation born and bred with Korean Natural Farming methods. We use all organic non-gmo feeds for optimum health in our animals (and ourselves!), as well as organic greens, sugarcane, coconuts, bananas, etc to add variety and nutrients to their diet.

The piglets weigh in between 30-35 pounds and will be ready to sell by next weekend (March 21st). There are 4 males and 5 females available. The price is $150 each.

The males have not been castrated. Both males and females would make excellent breedstock. These piglets are mostly Landrace, with some Berkshire, Hampshire, and a little Duroc on the maternal side. The boar semen we used came from UH-Hilo's Panaewa farm.

If you are interested in some of the best domestic pig available on the Big Island, natural-farmed all the way, healthy and strong and of good conformity, be sure to contact us asap.
You can send an email to <mike at myhawaiianrental dot com> .

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